Collaborative Research Projects


Development of 3D vision system for humanoid robot


ViCoMo concerns advanced video-interpretation algorithms on video data that are typically with multiple cameras. By modeling of the context in which the systems are used, ViCoMo will significantly improve the intelligence of visual systems by recognizing the behavior of persons, objects and events in a 3d view.


BIOTACT is a four-year research project funded by the Seventh Research Programme (FP7) of the European Union and involves nine research groups in 7 countries. The aim of BIOTACT is to develop novel tactile sensory technologies inspired by the vibrissal (whisker) sensory systems of mammals such as rats and shrews.


The project aims to provide to a personal robot's interactive the ability to understand posture, gait, gestures, and emotional state of a user. Using a smart camera all the processing will be embed on the robot.